How do I keep my concrete from freezing in the winter

Our Hydro-set anti freeze acellerater, it is used and mixed into the mixing water. It is a non chloride anti freeze. It keeps concrete from freezing down to 15F. It also increases the compressive strength of the concrete without rusting wire mesh or rebars

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Q #1836 I am seeking to purchase Mimic Repair Mortar #10. Is this available in the NYC area? Can it be ordered directly from Chargar?

Q #1831 Do you carry Thorite to hold rocks and patch in aquariums and fish ponds

Q #1829 What cleaner can I use to remove vinyl and carpet glue

Q #1819 There is a hole (1cm diameter) in my water tank that feeds the house. I cannot drain the tank as it will mean draining the house as well. The hole is within reach. Is there a water proof putty with which I can plug the leak?

Q #1810 I have a small waterfall and it has cement. I need to have it resealed so I will not loose water

Q #1804 We just had our cement stair and walk way laid this past summer. I live in Chicago and we can get a lot of snow and ice. What should I use to keep the cement clear after shoveling with harming the cement as salt does?

Q #1757 How do I keep my concrete from freezing in the winter

Q #1742 How do you clean water scale from windows, we have heard of acid washing, what type of acid?

Q #1741 How do I waterproof a pipe penetration

Q #1735 I have a new cement pad. Is there a NEED to seal that cement if cured and dried properly

Q #1721 We have a 33 year old chimney and the facing is popping off and it is leaking (absorbing water). What do I use to seal the brick and stop the damage from continuing?

Q #1693 What is the best sealant to waterproof and seal between a plastic gutter and a metal box gutter? Previously a silicone sealant was used but this has lifted and ii now leaking.

Q #1636 How/where can I find your product Klere-Treat WB?

Q #1632 how do I stop an untraceable leak through a chimney breast the bungalow was built in 1967

Q #1628 I have a concrete water tank. I need to seal the inside of the tank and whatever I use must be safe with potable water.Which product would work best? WB, Oregon

Q #1622 I have a 138 yr brick home that we are scraping the old paint off of. we want to keep the original brick, but the bricks are un-fired, so they need something to coat them so they do not crumble. what do you suggest? Is there a sealant that we can apply?

Q #1607 have a 24 x 27 concrete patio (30 years old) over by garage. Over the years creaks have formed in the concrete. I have tried several different products to fill the creaks but they still leak. In a heavy rain I get water on the patio and it leaks through to the garage. Do you have a paint product that can seal the patio? How much would I need? Thank you,

Q #1581 I am looking for some sort of caulking material for horizonal concrete joints that could either have good color options or could hold colors from chemical stain. The application is for stained concrete for a 5000 sq hallway.

Q #1546 I have an old chimney that is soaked with water. It chips with freezing temperatures. How can I protect it?

Q #1338 I recently had a contractor install colored stamped concrete. Do you carry the sealer which needs to be applied.

Q #1332 What do I use to seal my leaky brick chimney

Q #1328 looking to waterproof brick and block building

Q #1327 Do you carry Silicone sealer for bricks

Q #1325 I have a forty year old home built into the side of a hill. There is a leak in one corner where the wall meets the floor. I have been to told to use something called zyprexa? what do you recommend?

Q #1323 My basement with concrete walls and floor seeps water after heavy rains. Which product can keep water out if it has a few feet of "head" on it.

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