Epoxy Waterproofer
Thermo Setting Epoxy

waterproofers Epoxy waterproofer is a specially formulated heavy bodied thermo setting Epoxy resin. When mixed with it's activator it becomes self curing and hardens to a ceramic like, non porous, impermeable clear film. If you would prefer a color Epoxy Water proofer is also available with color packs offering up to 35 different color combinations.

Since it is 100% solids, it can be applied from a thin brush application to 1/16th or 1/8th inch thick claddding that can withstand tons of hydrostatic pressure.

Epoxy Waterproofer is designed to be a heavy duty waterproof protective coating that seals porous surfaces, fine cracks and voids. (Sand may be added for wide crack filler) It is also highly suitable for coating and lining tanks, submerged concrete units, troughs, pipe, utility ducts, etc. Also excellent to seal off leaks in below grade basement wall areas.

Epoxy Waterproofer is also used to waterproof Koi Fish ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, bird Baths, Water Cisterns for potable water.

Coverage rate for qt. units 25 sq. ft Gallon units 100 sq. ft 4 gallon units 400 sq. ft.

Product Data Sheet
Product Usage Sheet
MSDS Sheet

Available Color Chart

Please note:
The colors shown here are a digital representation of the colors available. Because of variances in color representation from one monitor to the next they should not be relied on if color matching is required in your project.

The colors shown here are provided online as a general guide only.

Patriot Blue #01 
Amarillo White #02 
Evergreen #03 
Eggshell Cream #04 
Rose #05 
Prarie Clay #07 
Manor White #08 
Sandalwood Beige #09 
Adobe Accent #10 
Perl Ash #11 
Black #012 
Colonial Tan #13 
Dover Sky #14 
Brick Red #16 
Van Dyke #18 
Medium Bronze #19 
Putty Grey #20 
Tile Red #22 
Brite White #26 
Metallic Aluminum #027 
Granite Gray #30 
Natural White #33 
Mocha Cream #34 
River Rouge #37 
Limestone #039 
Desert Sun #41 
Brushed Pewter #42 
Redwood Tan #43 
London Fog #44 
Smoky Brown #45 
Classic Bronze #046 
Sierra Tan #47 
Texas Pink #48 
Dark Grey #48 
Chocolate #49 
Stone Grey #53 
Toasted Almond #54 
Precast #113 
Hartford Green #113 
Bronze #314 
Tru White #345 
Buff #512 
Aluminum Stone #515 
Off White #516 
Beige Gray #525 
Desert Tan #530 
Tan #530 
Natural Stone #565 
Beige #595 
Translucent #610 Simulated Appearance
Dark Bronze #722 
Crystal Blue #789 
Almond #792 
Earthtone #793 
Pavement Grey #809 

Please contact us via phone, fax or email if your require further product data. Our customer service staff is ready to assist you.


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