Drain Only Weep Tubes

water repellents Our drain only weep tubes are a 3.5 inch acrylic tube filled with non-woven geotextile that acts as a wick to draw moisture through the tube and out of the building. At one end the tube is bent in a downward position to prevent wind driven rain from being forced back into the tube and to prevent water running down the wall from re-entering the building. Drain only weep tubes will not fill with sediment because the fabric filters it, but allows the water to drain.

Standard size weep tubes

Our standard size weep tubes are 3.5 inchess in length and have an outside diameter of 3/8 inches (inside diameter 1/4 inch.)

Custom size weep tubes

If your application requires a different size we can custom manufacture a weep tube to fit your requirement. Please find our phone fax and email addresses below.

Product Data Sheet

Please contact us via phone, fax or email if your require further product data. Our customer service staff is ready to assist you.

Water Repellents

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Drain Only Weep Tubes
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