Cement Based Waterproofing for Concrete

Thoro water proofing and water repellents Thoroseal modified with Acryl 60 and intergral acrylic polymer emulsion admixture, diluted with clean, potable water is used to fill, seal, waterproof and protect a variety of substrates including cast-in-place and precast concrete brick, common building and split-faced block, stucco, unglazed terra cotta, porous stone, gunite and other masonry substrates. It may be used on interior or exterior, above or below grade applications, such as mid, low and hi-rise buildings, parking garages, median barriers, bridges, water treatment plants, tunnels, silo exteriors, cooling towers, piers, retaining walls, locks, reservoirs, cisterns, basements, and foundations.

Thoroseal modified with Acryl 60 is used on vertical, overhead and non-traffic bearing horizontal surfaces where a waterproof, micro-porous seamless coating is required. It is hightly resistant to standing water, hydrostatic pressure and wind driven rain and will not soften even when in prolonged contact with standing water. It can be used on new construction or in restoration and renovation applications. Used as an alternative to mechanical finishing or rubbing of concrete, it provides a means to hide minor surface defects and blemishes in architectural concrete.

Thoroseals serves as and ideal base coat for our water based acrylic emulsion protective top coats such as Thorocoat, Thorosheen and Thorolastic.

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Product Data Sheet
MSDS Sheet

Thoro Systems Waterproofing Treatments

Heavy duty waterproof cement

Beaver Brushes & Thorobrooms
Brushes and brooms for applying Thoroseal.

Foundation Coating
Waterproof foundation sealer

Plaster Mix
Trowel or spray cement veneer

Quick Seal
Smooth cement paint

Fast set hydraulic cement -stops leaks

Fast set patching mortar

Acrylic masonry paint

Acyl 60
Bonding Agent for Thoroseal

Surface bonding adhesive

Dry Joint
Waterproof repointing mortar

Thoroclear 777
Silicone water repellent- solvent

Thoroclear Special
Silicone Water repellent

Acrylic sealer- emulsion type

Thoropatch Special
Acrylic Cement floor patch

Flexible coating for concrete and masonry

Surfacing Bonding Mortar
Block Bond

Textured masonry paint

Decorative waterproof plaster

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