Elastomeric Acrylic Emulsion Coating For Concrete and Masonry

Thoro water proofing and water repellents Thorolastic is a waterbased, textured, high build elastomeric acrylic emulsion which provides uniform color over plaster and stucco finishes in a fine, medium and coarse texture.

Thorclastic is a waterproof coating which seals hairline cracks and can accomodate movement in the substrate. For structures prone to thermal movement stress, Thorolastic provides a seamless waterproof finish that is ideal for restoring hairline cracked stucco and cement plaster. It maintains it's original performance properties in a wide range of climatic conditions, even after aging and weathering.

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Thoro Systems Waterproofing Treatments

Heavy duty waterproof cement

Beaver Brushes & Thorobrooms
Brushes and brooms for applying Thoroseal.

Foundation Coating
Waterproof foundation sealer

Plaster Mix
Trowel or spray cement veneer

Quick Seal
Smooth cement paint

Fast set hydraulic cement -stops leaks

Fast set patching mortar

Acrylic masonry paint

Acyl 60
Bonding Agent for Thoroseal

Surface bonding adhesive

Dry Joint
Waterproof repointing mortar

Thoroclear 777
Silicone water repellent- solvent

Thoroclear Special
Silicone Water repellent

Acrylic sealer- emulsion type

Thoropatch Special
Acrylic Cement floor patch

Flexible coating for concrete and masonry

Surfacing Bonding Mortar
Block Bond

Textured masonry paint

Decorative waterproof plaster

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