Thorite 400
Architectual Patching Mortar

Thoro water proofing and water repellents Thorite 400 is a cement based , polymer modified, patching mortar available in a range of factory made, batch blended, standard and custom colors. It contains inorganic, alkali-resistant pigments with good resistance to weathering and fading. It is a fast setting mortar with low slump properties suitable for trowel applications to above grade, vertical, overhead or non traffic bearing, horizontal surfaces with using form work.

Thorite 400 modified with Acryl 60 diluted with water permanently bonds to properly perpared architectural concrete and masonry substrates to form durable, long lasting patches which are waterproof to wind-driven rain. Once fully cured, Thorite 400 patches will perform in above-grade, exterior exposures when subjected to either freeze-thaw attack or desert conditions.

Thorite 500 modified with Acryl 60 diluted with water can be used to patch cast-in-place or precast, steel-reinforced architectural concrete. It can be used on precast or tilt-up concrete panels, highway median barriers, curbing, sound barriers or retaining walls. Pearl gray blends well with architectural concrete to reduce or eliminate dark, unsightly patches and is easily topcoated with cement-based coatings, acrylic coatings or even clear, penetrating water repellents without causing a mottled or ghost image effect. The integral color cannot be abraded or worn off. It can be used to patch honeycombs, form tie-wire holes, small spalls, surface irregularities and other minor surface defects caused by shallow freezing, impacts or planer irregularities dut to misaligned forms or inadequately consolidated concrete.

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