Acrylic Emulsion Coating for Concrete, Masonry and Stucco

Thoro water proofing and water repellents Thorosheen is a water based, acrylic, film forming coating used on various substrates to provide long term protection form the ingress of wind driven rain, fungus and mildew growth, and degraduation caused by acid rain or mild alkalis (bases) when used in an approved system. It forms a tough , durable, smooth film capable of long term adhesionand weathering. It resists staining and dirt accumulations, is aggregate-free and is easily maintained. It adds protection from freeze thaw damage, has excellent resistance to natural sunlight and UV attack, and excellent color retention.

Thorosheen has a high rate of water vapor transmission which permits moisture in the substrate to escape without causing blistering, peeling, or flaking. it dries quickly and without objectional paint odors. It will perform in cold or hot seasonal temperature cycling with age embrittlement. It is unaffected by the alkalinity of new concrete, plaster, stucco or mortar substrates. In white or other colors, it provides much more reflectivity than uncoated concrete.

When cured Thorsheen has a very low VOC content and very low odor during application.

Thorosheen can be applied directly to new or aged concrete, Portland cement plaster, stucco, mortar, gunite, shotcrete, tilt-up panels, brick, concrete masonry units, or porous natrual stones. In can be used above grade for interior or exterior surfaces and below grade for interior use.

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